We had noticed that there was a beehive in our water meter and so we decided to search who can remove bees but also have them relocated safely. Thankfully, my family and I came across Affordable Bee Services and we are so happy with the whole experience. They replied very quickly and were even available the same day. I am happy that we found them because I feel with certainty the bees will be safely relocated and that's what we cared about the most. Thank you so much and I will definitely be recommending this business to everyone I know!

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Bee Colony Removal Riverside

Have you noticed an excessive amount of bees on your property? If bees have invaded your territory, it’s time to take back your land. Don’t wait to get stung. Call Affordable Bee Services for fast and effective bee colony removal in Riverside!

Riverside Bee Colony Removal Service

If you notice fuzzy bees with amber and brown stripes flying around, you might have a honey bee colony on your property. Honey bees help our ecosystem thrive, but that doesn’t mean you want them to take up residence around your home or business.

Although honey bees don’t usually attack unless they feel threatened, some customers confuse honey bees with the more aggressive wasps or hornets. Our team has the experience necessary to identify the type of bee colony you have and recommend an effective removal method.

If you have a bee infestation, calling a professional bee colony removal service is the safest way to fix the problem. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

Safe and Effective Riverside Live Bee Colony Removal

A colony is the family unit of bees which consists of a queen and all her workers. While honey bees aren’t generally aggressive, they are incredibly protective of their hive, especially if the queen bee is inside.

If you have a live bee colony on your property, we’re here to help. Our family-owned and operated business has over 20 years of experience assisting Riverside customers to remove bee colonies from their property. For affordable bee colony removal, give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

The Most Trusted Bee Colony Removal Company in Riverside

At Affordable Bee Services, we’re committed to safe and effective bee colony removal services. When you call our team, you’ll get a bee expert with years of experience in efficient bee colony removal services.

Our team prioritizes your safety. While we look to remove bees in the most humane way, our primary goal is to safeguard your property and ensure that your bee infestation doesn’t return. Call us today for prompt, reliable service that leaves you feeling safe.

Riverside Bee Colony Removal Companies

Bee hives hold as many as 80,000 bees. That’s why most customers panic when they see a bee hive on their property. While honey bees don’t generally attack unless provoked, the risk for those with bee sting allergies can be life-threatening.

It might be tempting to knock the hive down and run, but bees are fast, and attacking their hive will provoke them to attack you. Leave the bee colony removal to the experts. Stop running from the bees flying around your property and run to the phone to give us a call. Schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

Call Today for Local Bee Colony Removal in Riverside

If you notice several bees buzzing around your home or business, call our professional team for a consultation. Our Riverside bee colony removal services have helped thousands of customers safeguard their property. We’ll take care of the bees so you can take back your property. Schedule your appointment today!

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